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21 Struggles Every Person Who Has Ever Worn Makeup Will Understand

And just a dash of highlighter...

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1. Either it gets absolutely everywhere...

2. ...absolutely refuses to come off...

3:26AM my girlfriend is drunk and I'm trying to help her take off her makeup. What the hell is sudden movements dru…


3. ...or it does come off, and you really wish it hadn't.

4. Bright lighting is the enemy.

6. Pregaming before doing your makeup ~may~ be a mistake.


8. Like really, really never going to happen...

9. ...but you're going to keep trying anyway.

10. Messing up and having to start over is utterly tragic...

when you spend an hour blending your eyeshadow and then fuck up your eyeliner

11. ...which is why mascara is actually the devil.

when you get mascara on your eyelid after an hour of doing your makeup


13. Watching a makeup tutorial always inspires a very false sense of confidence.

14. But honestly, does anyone understand how highlighter works?

makeup tutorial: add a dash of highlighter me:

16. Falling asleep with your makeup on is never a ~cute~ look.

me when I fall asleep with makeup on vs kim kardashian

18. You're suspicious of people who tell you that you look pretty without makeup.

When you take off your makeup and bae says you still look good

19. There's nothing more tragic than having to wash your face when you actually did your makeup well.

when makeup is life but it's time for bed

20. You have spent your life savings on makeup multiple times...

21. ...because there's no such thing as spending too much on makeup.

Me spending money on makeup vs me spending money on things I actually need