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24 Raven Moments That Will Make You Want To Applaud

"Yeah! Go Rae."

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1. She tried to encourage healthy eating. With a sick freestyle.

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2. But she never ate too healthy. Seriously though, heaven forbid she touch a veggie burger.

3. Or exerted herself too much. Honestly, she's not wrong. What kind of person thought teaching kids to climb a vertical rope was a valuable use of time?


4. She would do anything to make her best friend happy, even if it required being extra corny...

5. ...and was a pretty good older sister, like the time her dad blew up the bathroom and she graciously offered up her own.

6. She didn't take sass from anyone, especially when it came to her level of cuteness...

7. ...and was never afraid of using threats, particularly when it came to how sweet and cute she was.


8. She always put Eddie in his place, especially when he was living in a fantasy...

9. pretty much all the time.

10. She had zero tolerance for cheaters, especially when a bad weave was involved.

11. She schooled her teacher, like the time she explained why one really shouldn't call on a student not raising her hand...


12. ...and aced English class with the world's best summary of Romeo and Juliet.

13. She was the OG beauty guru...

14. ...and had a natural winning smile that definitely added to the whole beauty and cuteness thing.


16. ...even when it hurt.

18. ...and knew how make people do the work for her, like the time she *prompted* a guy to ask her out.

19. She was prepared for every situation, especially ones that required food...


21. She was a poet and fashion icon all rolled into one.

23. ...and some wild costumes.