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The 10 Things That Happen When You're A Gap Sales Associate

Elevate the everyday. Also explain what GapCash is and become personal coach to chip-reader virgins.

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1. You sell Gap Cards.


TRUST US. We hate the words "would you like to save 15%?" just as much as you do. But there's nothing like that feeling of getting the most cards at the end of the month, or the little gimmicky bribes our managers are constantly throwing in our faces to get more of them ("First one to get three cards tonight gets a $5 Caribou gift card!").

6. You talk about good denim.


You need a recommendation? LET ME SHOW YOU MY FAVORITE KIND THAT I HAVE 26 PAIRS OF!!! By the way, did you know when Gap opened it sold ONLY vinyl records and jeans??! How cool is that?!

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