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21 Animals Who Have Got The Whole 'Life' Thing Down

These guys know how to make the most of their life. And some of them don't even have opposable thumbs

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3. They Know How to Stay Warm in the Polar Vortex Weather


Chihuahua's know best that being little in below freezing temperatures can spell disaster. So they make sure to stay bundled up in their favorite sweater that Grandma knit for them-- you know, the one that's in the back of your closet because it's too 'ugly?' Look Who's the Fool Now, kid.

13. They Know What's Best For Your Health


Even Whiskers knows that being on your computer for too long is bad for your eyes and overall wellbeing. So don't hate on the messenger and take a lap around the block for your health!

16. They Do Meta-Portraits You Wouldn't Believe


Even without thumbs, they can do better paintings than most of us stick-figure drawers. More than that, this elephant does a portraiture of an elephant, putting all other attempts at meta-paintings to shame.

19. They Are Super Flexible


Sloths are notoriously thought of us nature's laziest creature. But could a lazy human dream of scratching his head with his foot?! Think about that next time you sling slander at the sloth.

21. They Know How To Help a Good Cause and Brand Themselves at the Same Time


Lil Bub is proving that nothing can hold you back from achieving your dreamz. This cat has a cradle of followers and knows how to do good while making good.

Oh Hey-- Wait Human. Don't Feel So Bad.

Some of your kind are (t)w(e)rking really hard to make something of themselves, just like Lil Bub!! You too can Be a Yes Man (or woman. or womyn) . Help this young entrepreneur live his dream and help you see that you too, human, can use your time more wisely.

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