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15 Resolutions For 2015: Expectation V. Reality

#NewYearNewMe for like 5 minutes.

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Welcome 2015! Let's go through 15 resolutions you probably won't keep.

1. Resolution: Save $$$$

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Expectation: In 2015, you have every plan to save that dough, doe. Whether you're saving for a trip, a new car, or just for lyfe, you've got fat plans for a fatter bank account.

2. Resolution: Drink Less

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Expectation: Now that we're on the topic of saturday night, you totally have every intention of drinking less--to save $$, for your health. Who needs to drink to have fun anyway?

3. Resolution: Socialize More

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Expectation: In 2015, you vow to be more social. You keep talking about how you want to meet new people, so damnnit, you're gonna put yourself out there. How hard can it be to meet new people...?

I own this (#true life)

Reality: When you're MyFitnessPal gives up on you, you know you're in trouble.

(ps: yes this is from before the new year. but relevant). (pps: yes, this is a sad reality of yours truly's life).

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Reality: Sometimes you just gotta vent about Todd* from HR, because that hoe can't do his job. And I heard he's getting a divorce.

*Todd is a fictional character in my head. Sorry If you're named Todd and work in HR...even sorrier if you're getting a divorce, because not only does that suck but that would make me a savant which is scarry

9. Resolution: Curse Less

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Expectation: As you get older, you are starting to realize that you are an example to the younger generations. So you vow to make a language adjustment, to better the manners of the youths.

11. Resolution: Pay It Forward in 2015

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Expectation: The 'Pay It Forward' movement really took full swing last year. Social media is ablaze with ordinary people doing extraordinary things to give back to others. You totally can do something as awesome!

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