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23 Things I Learned From A Mansplanation Of Gender Differences And Feminism

It's about as bad as you'd expect.

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2. Like for example - did you know that women have lots of a hormone called "estrogen"? This is why every woman loves hugging babies and always thinks they're really cute.

3. See, men have this other hormone called "testosterone." This is why men feel the same warm and fuzzy feelings toward weight lifting equipment that women would feel toward babies.

4. This totally makes sense though because - again, science - all men are just stronger than all women. All real men, that is.

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This is why it is not only rude, but alack, unnatural for a man to let a woman do some heavy lifting.


5. If it's something pretty light, like a folding chair, it's still better for a man to lift it because men have a "pride thing."

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Male pride is an unchanging scientific fact, though. It's not like if a woman were prideful because then that's just a character flaw that she could probably work on overcoming.

6. So, since men have all this pride, they like, NEED to be able to pursue a woman and provide for her. Like, that's the one goal that should shape every man's life - STRICTLY scientifically speaking of course.

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I mean, that's just how it was in Neanderthal times, and really, not much has changed since then.


9. That's sending the message that women can be independent and take care of things themselves. Uh-oh.


Independence = BAD. Men and women NEED each other. Women need men to provide them with the very things we all need to live, while men are counting on women to carefully ensure their pride remains unscathed.


16.Women need to make it easier for the men to focus on their work productivity by dressing conservatively. This way, men won't be forced into giving into their scientifically dictated urge to ogle and sexually harass female co workers.

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Ugh, NO, it's NOT because of society's hypersexualization of women and centuries of men's entitlement to women's bodies. It's SCIENCE.


17. Aside from the problems they cause male workers, women shouldn't really have important positions in the workplace because, scientifically, they are too much of emotional thinkers.

18. Men are the real problem solvers! That's how it's always been! They started the wars! They made civilization! They're just meant to be in charge.


22. Then all women were just like, "Science? Nah, I wanna be independent and educated and have life goals that may or may not include being a housewife."


Everyone just bought into it, and that's why romance and the economy has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Well, praise the Lord for the enlightened few who can reveal these truths to us.

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