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    19 Boozy Seasonal Cocktails To Drink If You're Visiting Philadelphia This Fall

    Move over, PSL.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed / PUNCH Media / ITV / Liberte Lounge

    See you next summer, Aperol spritz: It’s apple and pumpkin-spiced beverages season! If you prefer your PSL with booze, look no further than these fall cocktails at Philly’s best bars.

    1. Pumpkin Martini — McGillin’s Olde Ale House

    2. Columbus Blvdier — Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar

    3. Autumn In Ragtime — Fork

    Courtesy of Fork

    Named after the musical Ragtime (which you can see next door at the Arden Theatre through October 20), this drink features the bitter artichoke spirit Cynar, with apple cider and cinnamon.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 306 Market Street

    4. Pumpkin Smash — Bluebird Distilling

    Courtesy of PUNCH Media

    Using their own whiskey and Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix as a base, things really get interesting with allspice-infused white rye whiskey, lemon juice, egg white, and Demerara syrup. Refreshing, yet toasty.

    What it costs: $11

    Where to go: Bluebird Distilling at The Bourse, 111 S Independence Mall East

    5. The Jackalope — Art in the Age

    Courtesy of Quaker City Mercantile

    The Old City boutique and tasting room serves an apple-y delight with this Kinsey American Whiskey, Art in the Age Maple Jack Apple Brandy, Averna, and spiced apple bitters concoction.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 116 North 3rd Street

    6. Bada Bing — Fond

    Courtesy PUNCH Media

    Smoky meets spice with this spin on an old fashioned. The Bada Bing combines mezcal, rye, charred orange syrup — which adds a deep caramel flavor — Averna, egg white, and pumpkin pie mix.

    What it costs: $14

    Where to go: 1537 South 11th Street

    7. Compson Sour — Rex 1516

    Courtesy PUNCH Media

    A play on the Maple Bourbon Sour, the Compson Sour’s got orange liqueur and Laphroaig 10-year Scotch Rinse in addition to its bourbon, lemon juice, and bell pepper-infused maple syrup. You’ve got spicy, sweet, woodsy, and citrus flavors blending nicely in your mouth.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 1516 South Street

    8. The Final Draft — CO-OP Restaurant and Lounge

    Courtesy of Ryan Reeves

    Dark, frothy, and herby, The Final Draft uses Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye, Averna, egg whites, Angostura bitters, and bronze fennel for a fall delight.

    What it costs: $14

    Where to go: 20 South 33rd Street

    9. You’ll Be Back — Square 1682

    Courtesy of PUNCH Media

    Inspired by the uber-popular musical Hamilton (currently on a Philly run) the You’ll Be Back features flavors popular in the British West Indies, Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace: oat-infused bourbon, raisin rum, East India sherry, black walnut bitters, and spiced tincture.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 121 South 17th Street

    10. Rye Fever — Forsythia

    Courtesy of Lexy Pierce

    This labor-intensive cocktail (it’s been boiled, rested overnight, and strained through a cheesecloth) is served on ice. It’s comprised of Old Overholt rye, yellow chartreuse, egg white, macadamia-almond orgeat, lemon juice, and orange juice.

    What it costs: $14

    Where to go: 233 Chestnut Street

    11. Ciudad De La Muerte — Rosy's Taco Bar

    Courtesy Rosy's Taco Bar

    Ciudad De La Muerte (or City of the Dead) will hit all your senses with spicy and smoky mezcal infused with peppers, reposado tequila, Cynar, lime, and mint.

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 2220 Walnut Street

    12. Flippin' Nuts — Harper's Garden

    Courtesy of Harper's Garden

    The Flippin' Nuts (a play on The Bourbon Flip cocktail) features all the fall flavors: pecan, maple, and rye whiskey. (Also Vigo Amaro and an egg.)

    What it costs: $13

    Where to go: 31 South 18th Street

    13. Autumn Sweater — ITV

    Courtesy of ITV

    How 'bout them apples? With the warmth of Glenfiddich 14-year Bourbon Barrel Reserve and crisp dryness of Amontillado sherry, homemade apple syrup (made with locally grown apples), and lemon juice, this fall drink checks all the boxes.

    What it costs: $12

    Where to go: 1615 East Passyunk Avenue

    14. Pumpkin Martini — Nick’s Bar and Grille

    Courtesy Nick's Roast Beef Bar and Grille

    You can never have too many pumpkin martinis. This one features readily available ingredients like pumpkin blend, spices, vanilla vodka, and cinnamon sugar for the rim.

    What it costs: $10

    Where to go: 16 South 2nd Street

    15. YA BASIC!! — Evil Genius Beer Company

    Courtesy of Evil Genius Beer Company

    Hilariously self-aware, Evil Genius gives the basics what they want with this autumnal mixture: Kinsey Rye whiskey with pumpkin spice, orange bitters, whipped cream, and a cinnamon powder top.

    What it costs: $12

    Where to go: 1727 North Front Street

    16. Pomme & Poire — Blume

    Courtesy of Blume

    Focusing on local fruits instead of the more traditional pumpkin flavors, this bubbly drink is comprised of Grey Goose La Poire, pear puree, apple

    butter, and lemon, and is topped with Blume's exclusive pear and apple hard cider.

    What it costs: $14

    Where to go: 1500 Locust Street

    17. Toasted Mallows — Sofitel Philadelphia's Liberté Lounge

    Courtesy of Liberte Lounge

    Don't discount hotel bars. Inspired by the warm and toasty vibes of roasting marshmallows, this Grey Goose vodka and Godiva White Chocolate cocktail is topped with a flamed marshmallow.

    What it costs: $14

    Where to go: 120 South 17th Street

    18. The Pomme-Poire — The Olde Bar

    Courtesy of The Olde Bar

    Fall fruits again get a nod at this Old City bar, combining spiced pear liqueur and fresh-pressed apple cider with Kronan Swedish Punsch, lemon sour, house-made orgeat, and smoke and salt bitters.

    What it costs: $15

    Where to go: 125 Walnut Street

    19. Philly Cider Mule — ArtBar

    Courtesy of ArtBar

    This chic hotel bar keeps things simple with their fall mule, using cinnamon simple syrup and apple cider with the traditional ginger beer and vodka.

    What it costs: $12

    Where to go: 16 South 18th Street