People Are Sharing "Widely Liked" Foods That They Hate And There Are Some Hot Takes, Y'all

    "Avocado. It's just green mush..."

    Look, we all have that ONE food item...the one thing that, no matter how much everyone else seems to love it, you can't ~stomach~.

    Well, picky eaters everywhere felt seen this week when Reddit user Bellybuttonlint_ asked, "What common/widely liked food do you hate?" and — whew buddy — there were some HOT takes.

    Here are some of the most ~controversial~ answers:

    1. "Avocado. It's just green mush."


    2. "Coconut. Have you ever gotten those chocolates where you have no idea what's in them until you bite into them? It usually winds up being coconut and I have to spit it out."


    3. "Bell peppers ALWAYS overpower a dish for me. Even if I like the flavor underneath, it doesn't matter because all I taste is bell pepper."


    4. "Watermelon. I can't stand it from a textural standpoint."


    5. "I can't stand oatmeal. Everyone loves it and always gushes about how 'healthy' it is, but all I taste is warm lumpy wood pulp."


    6. "Olives. I just can’t. Don’t ask me why. I just can’t."


    7. "Arugula. I try it every time it's offered to me in hopes that my tastes have changed, but no. Still tastes like ass."


    8. "Tater tots. They have a nasty texture."


    9. "I absolutely hate cilantro. It ruins the flavor of any meal. Apparently, there's some scientific reason why some people like it and, for some of us, it tastes like soap."


    10. "Cottage cheese. Just no. It's not the taste, the smell, or even the look — it's because it has the mouthfeel of vomit."


    11. "Mint chocolate chip ice cream. I've tried SO hard to like it and I just can't. A ton of my family and friends like it, and I don't understand. I just don't like the chocolate and mint combo."


    12. "Those goddamn peanut butter–filled pretzels. Everyone and their dog loves them. They're meh, so why do I keep eating them?!"


    13. "Onions and tomatoes as a combo. I hate them, and I can't just pick them off of burgers and sandwiches because their taste soaks into everything and never goes away!"


    14. "Cupcakes. I hate THAT icing they always use specifically on cupcakes."


    15. "Tuna. I ate some when I was like 4 and instantly threw up."


    16. "Cauliflower. I've had it prepared every which way, but it is still one of the few foods I straight-up WON'T eat."


    17. "Cream soups. All of them, I don't discriminate. I don't know why, but something about the texture is just so, so, SO wrong to me."


    18. "Apples and/or anything with apples in it. I'm like a scientist mixing beakers when I pour my kid some apple juice so that I don't get that disgusting smell on my hands."


    19. "Ketchup. I don't understand how it's so popular. ANYTHING else is better on fries than ketchup — mayo, gravy, salt and malt vinegar, even hot sauce. ANYTHING ELSE."


    20. "Cheese. All types. I am a VERY picky eater, but this seems to be the one thing that most people give me shit about."


    So now it's YOUR turn. What's a popular/beloved food that you absolutely WILL NOT eat? Share yours in the comments below!