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What Movie Or TV Show Did Your Parents Not Let You Watch Growing Up, And Why?

Because we all had one.

Look, a lot of us had some weird-ass rules growing up.

And, in some cases, these "rules" stemmed from the pop culture we were and (more importantly) were not allowed to consume.

So, what was the weirdest movie or TV show your parents WOULD NOT let you watch when you were younger, and what was their reasoning?

Maybe The Rugrats was too sassy for your young mind, and would make you too mischievous.

Or perhaps The Hunchback of Notre Dame was way too scary and sexually-charged for you to handle.

Or maybe they just restricted entire channels all together, like MTV or VH1, because they'd melt your brain.

Drag your parents for their weird pop culture restrictions in the drop box below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!