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What's Something Everyone Should Know Before Getting Their First Tattoo?

Spell check is your friend, I promise.

Getting your very first tattoo is truly an amazing experience.

However, it can also be a little intimidating...which often leaves newcomers on the hunt for some sage advice from those who've been tattooed before.

So — my fellow experienced tattoo collectors — what's ONE THING you think absolutely EVERYONE should know before getting their very first tattoo?

Perhaps you'd tell them to make sure they eat a big, filling meal before sitting down for a lengthy appointment so they don't get light-headed, which is a common thing a lot of people don't take into account.

Or maybe you'd want to give them a specific brand of soap you've used to wash your fresh ink/peeling skin that has done wonders for you.

Heck, maybe the one seemingly obvious point you'd want to hammer home for a newbie is that YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO TIP YOUR ARTIST BECAUSE, COME ON, Y'ALL.

Share your advice for the first-timers in detail in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!