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    I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out We're Supposed To Eat Burgers Upside Down

    Catch ya on the ~flip-side~.

    Every meat-eater loves a good burger. In fact, burgers are a perfect food. This is not up for debate.


    And one of the best parts of a burger is just how uncomplicated it is. It's simple, dependable, and easy to understand...OR SO I THOUGHT. All that changed today.


    You see, I was on Twitter, minding my own damn business, when I came across this video by Food Insider. I've got some news, y'all: Apparently, we've been eating burgers incorrectly since the dawn of time.

    Did you know that burgers are supposed to be eaten upside down? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    Yup, you heard that correctly. According to this video experiment, burgers should be eaten UPSIDE DOWN.

    Food Insider

    I'll give you a second to process this.

    The idea here is that, if you flip the burger before biting, you can trap the juices and condiments that would otherwise fall out in the thicker top bun, which will prevent the burger falling apart as you eat it.

    Food Insider

    Needless to say, this was a WHOLE LOT of information to take in and, naturally, people had opinions:

    Some people felt lied to:

    Though, some were willing to give the "correct" way a go, no matter how silly they felt:

    And others felt vindicated for years of eating this way to begin with:

    So, what do you think? Have you tried this method? What is the CORRECT way to eat a burger? Sound off in the comments below!


    And be sure to check out the full video from Food Insider!

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