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    The First Trailer For "The Grudge" Is Here And I Wish It Wasn't Because I Was Sleeping So Well Before

    "You know what this movie needs? More loose hair!" — the director, probably.

    In today's edition of "Things I Didn't Know Were Happening, But Cool!" we received our first trailer for 2020's The Grudge reboot and — how do I say this nicely — um, EW.

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    For those not in the ~know~, 2004's The Grudge was based on the iconic Ju-On series from, in a way, this is actually a reboot of a reboot.

    The trailer begins with Peter Spencer (the comically handsome John Cho, making me feel some type of way in those glasses) who is looking to sell a nice-looking, normal house.

    But this is a horror movie, so here "nice-looking, normal house" translates to "dominion of death," and it turns out that there might be some not-so-nice forces* at work in the house.

    It's quickly discovered by a detective (Andrea Riseborough) that there was a brutal murder in the house, which has left it thoroughly cursed or, as the film's title would suggest, "grudged."

    And, as are the rules of this curse in The Grudge universe, anyone who enters the house is now cursed. It's the curse that follows you home like the rest of your awful decisions. It's a relatable curse.

    So, after the detective enters the house, she discovers that she's brought the terror home with her, and that terror involves seeing a LOT of hair all the time.

    No, seriously, y'all...there's so much hair.

    Also, something interesting about the film is that, time frame-wise, it states that it takes place at the EXACT SAME TIME as the 2004 film, just in a different location. So, while this is a reboot of The Grudge universe, it's a different story and different characers!

    Anyway, the whole trailer culminates in Spencer reenacting the INFAMOUS shower scene, which made me afraid to touch the back of my own head for several weeks (okay, probably closer to "years").

    So, here ya have it! Be sure to check out The Grudge when it hits theaters Jan. 3, 2020 and, if you notice your friends or co-workers are a little smellier after that date, give them a break, they're probably too scared to shower.