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    Here's Our First Look At "I Kill Giants" And It's Honestly The Girl Power Tale We Deserve Right Now

    "I find giants. I hunt giants. I kill giants."

    So, the past decade has really been a high point for the graphic novel industry.

    Warner Bros.

    Watchmen, 2009

    From Watchmen to V for Vendetta to Sin City, these once-overlooked pieces of literature are truly having their moment in the film limelight.


    Sin City, 2005

    And today we got our first trailer for the latest addition to the graphic-novel-turned-movie club, I Kill Giants.

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    RLJE Films / Via

    Based on the critically-acclaimed graphic novel, the story follows Barbara Thorson, a teenage girl who doesn't ~quite~ fit in with her peers.

    RLJE Films

    So, to deal with her bullied reality and troubled home life, she escapes into her own magical world where she, you guessed it, kills giants.

    RLJE Films

    However, with the help of her new friend, Sophia, and an understanding guidance counselor, she may not have to face EVERY giant alone.

    RLJE Films

    This movie honestly has me feeling some type of way* just from the trailer, so I can only imagine what the full film will make me emote.

    RLJE Films

    *That "type of way" is very nostalgic and somewhat sob-y.

    Also, it has Zoe Saldana in it, so you know it's going to be amazing, because she's amazing.

    RLJE Films

    I love u.

    So prepare to be a warrior when this comes to theaters and VOD March 23, 2018!

    RLJE Films

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