The Fifth "Scream" Movie Has Its First Trailer, And Trust Me When I Say You're Not Ready

    "Something about this one just feels different." —Dewey, but also the audience, probably.

    Y'all — I'm not even going to waste time being cute and setting this post up with a lil' joke or anything. I'm just going to get right to it: This morning, the very first trailer for the fifth film in the Scream franchise — semi-confusingly titled* SCREAM — was released and...ya know what? Just watch it:

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    *They took a page out of Halloween (2018)'s book, I guess!

    AWESOME, RIGHT?! Like, AHHH!!! SO COOL! Okay, okay, let's unpack this:

    The trailer jumps right in, showing us that Ghostface is back to their old tricks — i.e. still being the only human being to use a landline — but this iteration of the iconic killer also has some new tricks up their sleeve.

    After what is ~presumably~ the first kill, we see some familiar faces when Dewey (David Arquette) gives everyone's favorite final girl, Sidney (Neve Campbell), a call.

    And during the call, Sidney delivers this perfectly on-brand, delightfully meta line:

    Then we see Sidney meeting up with the new blood (pun intended)* of the film, as she returns to Woodsboro to, once again, take on whoever's behind the mask.

    Oh, and of course she could never do this without fan fave Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), who tags along for yet another round of carnage!

    The trailer kicks all kinds of butt and has all kinds of promise, really leaning into the nostalgia factor — which, to be fair, has always been a part of this franchise! Plus, it's chock full of cool shots, fun jump scares, and lots and lots o' bright red BLOOD.

    Also, side note, but this is literally me whenever I get the pleasure of seeing Sidney back in action:

    So, uh, yeah! There ya have it! Be sure to catch SCREAM when it comes slashing into theaters next year, Jan. 14, 2022!

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