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    Nicki Minaj Used Seth Rogen's Name In "You Already Know" And His Reaction Is Perfect

    "I made a movie like Seth Rog' and since I came in the game their careers on death row."

    Hi, so in case you're new here Seth Rogen is my ~fantasy husband~.

    He's a heavily underrated BABE and his weird laugh gives me life every time I am blessed enough to hear it.

    Anyway, baby boy got a name drop via Nicki Minaj in Fergie's new banger, "You Already Know".

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    And he reacted appropriately (and adorably) upon finding out:

    I got name dropped by @NICKIMINAJ in a song so I'M FUCKING GOOD YA'LL.

    @Sethrogen @NICKIMINAJ For the curious, he's talking about Nicki's part in @Fergie's #YouAlreadyKnow

    And his followers were, rightfully, happy for him.


    it's what you deserve

    My handsome man now joins the illustrious list of celebs Nicki has graced with one of her *fire* lyrics.

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    Ellen's mention starts at the 1:30 mark and she was just as excited as Seth, if not more TBH.

    In the meantime, someone please check on John Mayer.

    John Mayer is so hurt rn