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    Jordan Peele’s “Nope” Finally Has A Trailer, And Here Are The Internet’s Thoughts And Theories

    Good news: The trailer is awesome. Bad news: You're scared of clouds now.

    After mercilessly teasing us all Super Bowl weekend, actor/writer/director/horror-icon-living-among-us Jordan Peele has finally unveiled the first trailer for his newest horror film — simply titled, Nope — and! Y'all! It's! Wild! Seriously, check it out:

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    RIGHT? What did I tell you?! OK, OK...let's get to the two "downs." Let's calm down, and let's break this down:

    The teaser opens with a reference to "The Horse in Motion" — a short film that the Smithsonian describes as "The first .gif" — which Keke Palmer's character notes is a family affair, as the man on the horse was her great-great-GREAT-grandfather.

    We learn from there that Keke and Daniel Kaluuya's characters are "the only Black-owned horse trainers in Hollywood," residing on a ranch in California with their horses.

    They appear to live a simple, peaceful life...until, ya know, they don't. It's a horror movie. IDK what y'all expected.

    Stuff starts to go sideways REAL quick, and the trailer — in true Jordan Peele fashion — gives us absolutely nothing in terms of plot, but plenty in terms of nightmare-fuel.

    Now, the ~curiously vague~ official description for the film states that the story follows, "Residents in a lonely gulch of inland California who bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery," but ya know what? I'm just going to say it...

    ...I'm pretty sure it's aliens. It's aliens, right? Like, just look at this Independence Day-esque shot:

    I mean, I'm just saying, it just feels like it might be aliens?!

    An alien-like hand outstretched as if it's going to fist bump a mannequin hand

    Heck, they're even selling MERCH of them?! Of the aliens?!

    A pyramid of merch in the shape of alien heads at a fair

    It literally says, "Alien 'Viewer,'" in the corner here! I see you!

    ANYWAY, needless to say, the internet all but imploded at the unveiling of this genuine HORROR EVENT, so we took to Twitter to round up some of the very best reactions, memes, and early on theories for your viewing pleasure! Here we go:


    Everyone waking up to the Jordan Peele #NopeMovie trailer

    HBO / Via Twitter: @filmdaze


    NOPE = Not Of Planet Earth? Jordan Peele’s new Alien movie?

    Twitter: @KhleoThomas


    somebody said NOPE is an abbreviation for Not On Planet Earth… if this movie is about aliens it’s gonna be so cool especially coming from jordan peele omg

    Twitter: @battinsan


    The word “Nope” is an anagram for the word “Open.” #NopeMovie

    FX / Via Twitter: @MeAloneInMyMind


    Steven Yeun in Nope, 2022. dir. Jordan Peele

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @cinephilejen


    Sony Pictures Releasing / Via Twitter: @flypical


    Twitter: @cinedruig


    Has nobody spotted the little green alien yet?

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @forerunnerstx


    Steven Yeun didn’t even speak in the nope trailer and he’s already giving #NopeMovie

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @theavgplantlady


    Everybody when they see a cloud with a kite string attached #NopeMovie

    Twitter: @gardenoutro


    Jordan Peele’s NOPE really seems to be an even more intense version of Signs. I couldn’t be more ready!!

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @Straw_Hat_Goofy


    CBS Films / Via Twitter: @wandapilled


    Jordan Peele watching us rack our brains trying to come up with theories for NOPE:

    Twitter: @BlackGirICinema


    nope and the northman already have the two best trailers of the year. we're so lucky to get new jordan peele and robert eggers movies this year

    Universal Pictures / A24 / Via Twitter: @CinemaView_


    That’s a big ol’ Yep on NOPE.

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @kumailn

    So, uh, yeah! There ya have it! Be sure to say "Yes" to Nope when it comes ~floating~ into theaters on July 22, 2022!