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    The New "Pet Sematary" Trailer Will Make You Scared Of Animals AND Children

    "Sometimes dead is better."

    Y'all I'm going to just cut to the chase. There's a new trailer for Stephen King's Pet Sematary and it's a whole lot:

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    WARNING: It IS a pretty intense trailer, no exaggeration, so no watch-y if no like-y scary things.

    Okay so, you watched it? Cool, yeah...It was a lot, right? Like, maybe too much??? What the actual heckin' biscuts is going on??? Lots to unpack, let's begin.

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    SO, the basic story here is truly classic King: A nice, normal family moves to Maine, when they come across a pet sematary near their new home.

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    Their cat dies, so they bury it there...but they're shocked when their fur baby suddenly comes back to life, albeit a little grumpier than they left.

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    Following this seemingly-magical event, the family unexpectedly suffers an unspeakable loss in the form of their young child.

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    Dad is devastated and desperate, which leads him to bury the child in the pet sematary in hopes they'll ALSO come back to life, like the cat. She does. But this is KING, honey, so nothing is what it seems.

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    Scary demon children! Creepy music! Mean cats! Beautiful cinematography! Maine! IT. CHECKS. ALL. THE. STEPHEN. KING. BOXES.

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    This trailer also reveals that there has been a pretty MAJOR change from the book, in that it appears the family's daughter, Ellie, is the one who dies, not their toddler son, Gage.

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    And fans definitely have STRONG AF feelings about this particular decision. Some are questioning it:

    So, in the new Pet Semetary Ellie dies and comes back instead of Gage? Never mind.

    While others are excited to see something different:

    @petsematarymov @StephenKing I love Stephen King (I have his face tattoed on my leg) and I LOVE the changes. King's fans know a lot about Pet Sematery and I'm very excited to see the new movie. I wouldn't like to see the exactly remake because it was something we saw a lot of times. I'm very very happy😍😍

    Either way, this looks horrifying, and I'll be watching it through my fingers when it comes to theaters April 5, 2019.

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