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    "Mario Party" Is An Absolutely Brutal Game, So Here Are A Bunch Of Jokes About It

    Steal a star, lose a friend.

    Listen — I'm not even going to mince words here — Mario Party (in any form) is the most entertaining, frustrating, hilarious game of all time.

    So, with this in mind, I took the liberty of rounding up a few of the best tweets about the greatness that is Mario Party. You're welcome:


    peeing in an airplane bathroom with turbulence should be a mario party mini game


    Included with each copy of Super Mario Party to deal with those friends that steal your stars on the 2nd to last turn:


    Princess Peach when you choose her in Mario Party


    People who are upset by ANYTHING in Drag Race All Stars clearly have never played Mario Party and it shows.


    If you play the whack-a-monty mole minigame AS monty mole in Super Mario Party, he becomes incredibly worried oh my lord save him


    When our generation ends up in retirement homes. Bingo will be replaced with Smash Bros and Mario Party.



    the best part of super mario party is how bowser reacts if you don't team up with him as junior


    One of the guys in my choir dressed up as “Shy Guy Says!” for our Halloween party and it was godlike Literally irl Mario Party 😂


    *Walks into fancypants restaurant *Waiter: “Sir what will you be having tonight?” *Me: “Are you familiar with Super Mario Party?”


    yesterday my friends thought “Mario Party” was the same game as “Mario Kart” and about 15min into “Mario Party 7” they asked “when does the race start?”


    how I act w my friends before Mario party vs during


    Mario Party: lose all your friends Super Smash Bros.: curse out all your favorite Nintendo characters and grow to hate them


    This is absolutely a Mario party minigame


    what maniac designed this Mario Party game and chose to pair the steak cube with orange juice


    i’m a member of the: ⚪️ republican party ⚪️ democratic party 🔘 mario party and i’m voting for: ⚪️ donald trump ⚪️ bernie sanders 🔘 wario because he’s so mf thicc

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