A Live-Action "Harry Potter" TV Series Is Reportedly In Early Stages Of Development At HBO Max, And People Have Thoughts

    Accio big yikes.

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    2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone*, being unleashed onto the world. We're! All! Old!

    Well, this morning, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that HBO Max may be attempting a return to the Wizarding World, but this time in the form of a live-action TV show.

    Exclusive: #HarryPotter live-action TV series in early development at HBO Max https://t.co/A0nvuDhpaG

    Twitter: @THR

    Now, when we say "early development," we mean EARLY. DEVELOPMENT. It's unclear if this would be a reboot of the original book series or a new story within the world, and there are currently no talent or writers attached.

    Still, THR did also state, "Executives at the WarnerMedia-backed streamer have engaged in multiple conversations with potential writers exploring various ideas that would bring the beloved property to television. Sources say broad ideas have been discussed as part of the early-stage exploratory meetings."

    Sources tell THR that HBO Max executives have engaged in multiple conversations with potential writers exploring various ideas that would bring #HarryPotter to television https://t.co/whtLTDMvtd

    Anyway, reactions to this possibility were, understandably, VERY mixed.

    Some fans were excited about the concept of a TV series:


    Noting that — if the original books were to be adapted into a series — it'd give more time for character development and details left out of the original films:

    @THR I'm sure they'll do new characters, but I wouldn't hate getting a redo of the books, expanded. A season per book. Marauders flashbacks, pre-Harry days when Voldemort was powerful. That'd tickle my fancy more than new stories.

    And also pointing out that, yes, we're truly headed back to the early 2000s:

    @THR We're getting a new Percy Jackson on Disney+ and a new Harry Potter on HBOMax? All we need is a new Twilight series/film and we'll be back in 2010 baby

    Twitter: @Puffball23

    However, some fans feel that the idea is wholly unnecessary, given how much content we already have around the book series:

    coming from a harry potter fan, we dont need it https://t.co/rSu91UaqSR

    And stating that — if they did move forward — they should focus on a part of the story we've never actually had the pleasure of seeing on screen:

    @THR I think the most intriguing storyline to explore would be Voldemort’s rise to power. It could show the lives of Tom Riddle and the Marauders (also pre-Death Eaters) at Hogwarts, and the timelines would converge in the final season.

    Twitter: @SamuelS06096714

    Or, alternatively, it would need to focus on new characters and concepts OUTSIDE of what we've already seen in the books and spinoff films:

    @THR If this happens, it needs to be fresh stories and new characters. A completely different time period would be great.

    Twitter: @BornAgainEmo

    HOWEVER, most were quick (and correct) in pointing out that another Harry Potter project potentially means more money in author J.K. Rowling's pocket:

    Given Rowling's many anti-trans comments in recent years, people said that more money and spotlight for her is 100% the wrong avenue to take:

    if you care about the wellbeing and safety of your trans friends and the trans community in general, stop giving money to official Harry Potter things. fanmade stuff is fine. but seriously. stop giving money to She Who Must Not Be Named.

    Twitter: @hayleystjames

    Especially considering how closely tied Rowling and the books are, and the way most fans feel about the Harry Potter franchise now:

    I don’t know how to feel about this. I’ve always wanted an extremely faithful adaptation of the HP series that follows the books basically to the t (animated ideally). But I don’t really want JK Rowling getting any richer. https://t.co/po0Xyw3YrD

    So, we'll leave you with these simple questions: What are your thoughts on a potential Harry Potter TV show? Would you watch one? What would you prefer it be about (assuming you'd be interested)? Share all of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the comments below!