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Animals Consistently Showed Up In Weird AF Places In 2017, So Here Are Just A Few

"Cat in a Tissue Box" is the new "Cat in a Hat."

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Look, we all felt a little ~out of place~ in 2017.

And it turns out adorable animals were no exception to that.

Ram-bunctious customer gets turfed from Pubnico, N.S., liquor store

Like this snack snitch.

A Gazelle entered a shop in the state of Colorado. The owner decided to give him some chocolate and biscuits. He le…

And this tissue paper enthusiast.

This squirrel went nutty for outhouse toilet paper in Nordegg, "pulling and pulling and pulling." MORE:…

This moo-moo was not ready to pay a toll.

Holy cow! This wandering bovine was cornered in a parking garage after leaving a Philadelphia church nativity scene…

And this pun hurt my eyes.

Maybe he moosed his bus? Ungulate ambles into Calgary LRT station on World Animal Day

Meanwhile, this ostrich braved the cruel, judgmental world.

When you don’t fit in with society but u still have to go out to run errands

This raccoon just needed to feed his family.

A raccoon was spotted inside a Shoppers Drug Mart in #Toronto

And get to the office via the train.

What are we waiting fur? Toronto commuters delayed as roving raccoon boards rush-hour TTC subway train…

This opossum makes me say "oSAME."

An opossum broke into a liquor store and took full advantage of the opportunity:

And these ducks were treated like royalty.

Mother duck and babies got lost in Old Montreal, getting a police escort through the streets, back to the duck pond…

But this one really *SEALed* the deal.

Just witnessed this giant seal being chased out the door of a fishmongers shop in Wicklow town.

So let's all hope for a more productive, craftier this squirrel's 2017.

#Toronto A squirrel 🐿 has been stealing chocolate bars 🍫 from a convenience store : at least 40 chocolate bars thes…

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