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If The Lack Of New "Game Of Thrones" Episodes Has You Thirsty For More Kit Harington, This New HBO Miniseries Is For You

"My purpose is to kill the King of England."

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So, Kit Harington is cute as hell.

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He's easy on the eyes, one half of the most shippable Game of Thrones couple, AND is, overall, just an awesome celeb.

And, right as I was starting to get withdrawals from the lack of new GOT, HBO hit me with this trailer for Gunpowder.

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Just what the (imaginary) doctor ordered!

The three-part miniseries follows the infamous story of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, the failed assassination attempt against King James I of England by a group of devout English Catholics.


And, as if that's not cool enough on its own, Harington is actually a direct descendant of the character he potrays, Robert Catesby, IRL.


The miniseries originally premiered on BBC One back on Oct. 31, 2017, but was also picked up by HBO...because who DOESN'T have a crush on Kit Harington?


Look at those puppy dog eyes!

So catch this epic hunkiness on HBO Dec. 18, 2017!