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    19 Horror Movie Clichés That We're All Very, Very Bored With

    If the walls of your house have a menstrual cycle, it may be time to move out.

    1. People continue to stay in a cabin in the woods or an obviously haunted house long after weird stuff starts to happen.

    2. Kids say creepy as heck things and their parents are just like, "LOL, okay."

    3. People hear an odd noise and say, "Oh, it's probably just the wind!"

    4. Or worse, those same people proceed to "investigate" said sound, alone.

    5. People constantly answer doors late at night when people knock?! Who knocks anymore?!

    6. And, on that note, those are always the same people who answer their phone late at night when they're not expecting a call?!

    7. People allow inexplicably creepy dolls to live rent-free in their house.

    8. People are always reading from old, skin-wrapped books written in dead languages that seem incredibly questionable.

    9. People completely ignore every awful thing going on around them to stop and have sex, no matter how terrible an idea it seems.

    10. People limply hold a weapon in their hands while sobbing, instead of — oh, I don't know — running away?!

    11. People run up the stairs when the front door is only, like, three feet away from them.

    12. Or, people forget how to move like a normal human being when they finally decide to run out of the front door.

    13. And, when people finally get outside, they run straight to their car without their keys like an idiot.*

    14. People yell for help during moments when they should definitely be quiet for their own safety.

    15. And, when people DO finally get help in the form of the authorities — they're almost always completely useless.

    16. People trip over thin air as the killer is mere feet behind them.

    17. Or worse, people trip, fall, then decide to just CRAWL the rest of the way instead of getting up and running more?!

    18. People corner themselves for absolutely no reason by hiding under a bed or in a closet.

    19. And — last, but certainly not least — people suggesting that everyone "split up," which makes zero sense.

    Which horror movie cliché did I miss? Which genre trope is your least favorite? Share in the comments below!