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    Esmeralda Is The Most Underrated Disney Princess Of All Time (Yes, I Said Princess)

    This is not an opinion, it's a fact.

    1. Hi, so I'm here to discuss something I'm very passionate about: Esmeralda from Disney's adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    2. Esmeralda is the most underrated Disney Princess (yes, PRINCESS) of all time.

    3. First of all, let's discuss the fact that she's a powerful woman of color who takes absolutely zero shit from the men around her.

    4. She's been dealt one of the worst hands in all of France, but she's not cruel, cold, or worn down. Instead, she's kind, warm, and confident.

    5. She's comfortable in her sexuality, and has complete agency over her body.

    6. She is unafraid to stand up for what she knows is right.

    7. For example, she's the only one who stands up for Quasi in his moment of need, without even knowing who he is.

    8. She's got some pretty cool tricks up her sleeves.

    9. She refuses to be trapped, no matter how pretty the cage.

    10. She sings the most genuine, heartfelt song ever.

    11. She is emotionally dynamic (ya know, like real women are).

    12. She saves both Quasi and Phoebus' butts not once, but TWICE.

    13. And she knows how to stitch a man back together, both physically AND emotionally.

    14. She was thoroughly unimpressed by Phoebus when they first met.

    15. She angers a tacky, old white man by just existing (specifically, existing as a woman he can't have), which is amazingly relevant still.

    16. She stares death in the eyes, and literally spits in its face.

    17. And, finally, she's a whole, complete person from the beginning, who just happens to also find love.