The New "Avengers: Endgame" Posters Have Inspired People To Avenge Their Favorite Pop Culture Characters And LOL

    "Avenge the fallen." — Bambi after his mom died, probably.

    So unless you've been transported to some remote farm after snapping half of the universe's population out of existence, you're aware that some rad new Avengers: Endgame posters dropped this week.

    #AvengeTheFallen The Avengers (left) The Fallen (right) #AvengersEndgame 4.26.2019

    The posters caused an emotional uproar online, as they showcased the surviving members of the Avengers in color, while the fallen members were in black and white. Both posters include the tagline: "Avenge the fallen."

    So naturally, the internet did what it does best and RAN with this concept, creating a whole bunch of OTHER "Avenge the Fallen" posters for their favorite lost characters in pop culture.

    i’m just gonna go and cry now #AvengeTheFallen

    Here are some of the most devastating additions to the line-up:

    1. Mufasa:

    2. Ned Stark:

    3. John Wick's pup:

    4. Bing Bong:

    The new Endgame posters are wild #AvengeTheFallen

    5. Alf:

    6. Bambi's mom:

    7. Wilson:

    8. Dobby:

    9. Manila and Shangela:

    10. Bob Newby:

    Bob Newby. Superhero. @Stranger_Things #AvengeTheFallen

    11. The Sony PS Vita:

    Some people move on, but not us! #AvengeTheFallen #PSVita

    12. Marvel's Defenders:

    I just wanna be the first to make this joke #AvengeTheFallen

    13. Seymour:

    14. Jack:

    It still hurts. #AvengeTheFallen

    15. Our communal GPAs:

    rest in peace lil buddy #AvengeTheFallen

    16. And finally, my personal favorite use of a TV commercial reference: