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    17 Emo Kid Jokes That'll Make You Giggle, But Only A Little Because You're Still Sad

    "If you don't love me at my emo phase, you don't deserve me at my REFINED emo phase."

    1. This spotify call-out:

    2. This wardrobe choice:

    when the weather starts getting nice but the only outfits you look good in are all black

    Twitter: @bbiss666

    3. This perfect lyric depiction:

    4. This undeniable truth:

    5. This coming out (of your cage):

    2000s emo kids when Mr. Brightside comes on

    6. This accurate summation:

    7. This painful realization:

    8. This absolute let down:

    9. This adult appropriate purchase:

    10. This glow-up:

    11. This correction:

    12. This sci-fi emo boy:

    13. This accurate music video depiction:

    14. This English language upgrade:

    15. This friend-making technique:

    16. This boulevard/road of broken dreams:

    17. And finally, this UNDENIABLE truth:

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