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Just 21 Excellent Tweets, Memes, And Reactions To The 2021 Emmy Awards

What are the Emmys if not awards season persevering.

The 2021 Emmy Awards were tonight, and y'all already KNOW that Twitter came through with some absolutely hilarious jokes, memes, and reactions to the show! So, without further ado, here are just a few of the very best:

1. This relatable confusion:

Me watching the Emmys not having seen a single show nominated

Twitter: @fs0ciety01

2. This A+ meme use:

Seth Rogen when he showed up to the emmys and found out it’s indoors #Emmys2021

Twitter: @Pizza__Dad

3. This fashion question:

Who wore it better? Seth Rogen Jim Carrey

Twitter: @JustInHere2021

4. This musical reaction:

Kathryn Hahn not winning the Emmy tonight… Off to an awful start. #Emmys

Twitter: @itsjustanotherx

5. This pure gold:

pov: you just touched Elizabeth Olsen at the #Emmys

Twitter: @safeforolsen

6. This robbery:

Twitter: @milfhahn

7. This Ryan Murphy reaction (probably):

ryan murphy seeing evan peters win his first emmy for a show that had nothing to do with him


8. This genuinely hilarious moment:

FINALLY something funny (thank god for @robinthede ) #Emmys #Emmys2021

Twitter: @SuperVOGirl

9. This gentleman who couldn't take a hint:

POV the Emmys just tried playing you off three different times

Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

10. This award-worthy song:

Twitter: @hngryhypocrite

11. This perfect pun:

If I was giving a speech for accepting an award on behalf of The Queen’s Gambit I would simply say “Checkmate” with the most annoying smile in the entire goddamn world

Twitter: @lfitzmaurice

12. This comedy unto itself:

emily in paris being nominated IS comedy

Twitter: @e_alexjung

13. This small party:

Me and the three other people who watch Hacks celebrating their Emmy sweep

Twitter: @screamiirene

14. This eclipse:

Rita Wilson just eclipsed son Chet Hanks' entire rap career in 10 earnestly awkward seconds.

Twitter: @mikeyoconnell

15. This pure anger:

BREAKING: The Queen’s Gambit fans and Wandavision fans have both united against the academy

Twitter: @MateoPotato_sk

16. This WandaVision disappointment:

wandavision getting nominated for 23 emmys and only winning 3


17. No, really...WandaVision, though:

did it hurt? when you realized wandavision scored 23 nominations at the emmys and still got robbed?

Twitter: @fearlustpride

18. This prediction come true:

Twitter: @laurenleti

19. And this "out of context" context:

Twitter: @lassonocontext

20. This excellent new GIF for reactions:

@nicolebyer has the best gif to come out of the emmys. I love this and it’s my new favourite reaction.

Twitter: @realfiendd

21. And finally: this undeniable fact:

I know actors, actresses, and tv shows can’t wait for the crown to finish up 😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @keyon

There ya have it! What did you think of this year's Emmy Awards? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!