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    21 Wonderfully Innocent Things People Believed As Children That Are Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

    "I thought that people on the TV could see us..."

    When I was little I lost a hat I loved at Disney World and my parents told me that Mickey Mouse found it and gave it to Minnie Mouse, so that I wouldn't be sad. Being that I was (and still am) a massive Disney fan, I couldn't be mad at Mickey for copping my style, so I was like "sure, okay" and BOUGHT IT UNTIL I WAS LIKE EIGHT YEARS OLD.

    Well, this week artist Daniel Marven made me feel better about my childhood self when they asked their followers on Twitter about the "dumbest things" they believed to be true as children. The answers were surprisingly pure and absolutely delightful.

    What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child..?

    Here are just a few of the ~silliest~ responses:

    1. This birthing technique:

    2. This literal Thor:

    3. This plant horror film:

    4. Seriously, lots of seed-based fears:

    5. This long flight:

    @danielmarven I honestly believed plans never landed😭😭😭😭

    6. This deadly choice:

    7. This real-life Matilda:

    8. This smart worker:

    9. This unit of time:

    10. This dangerous thumb:

    11. This creepy TV:

    12. This growing rug:

    13. This sweet belief:

    14. This friendly sea creature:

    15. This incredible dad:

    16. This hilarious pregnancy (also, more seeds):

    17. This buoyant land mass:

    18. This genius mom:

    19. This beautiful thought:

    20. This scary truth:

    21. And finally, this wonderful name mix-up:

    Now it's your turn (hey, I admitted mine, so now you've gotta do it)! What's the "dumbest thing" you believed as a kid? Share yours in the comments below!