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    Mar 6, 2018

    Don't Watch This Teaser For Disney's "Christopher Robin" Unless You Have A Full Box Of Tissues Nearby

    I'm not crying, it's just some dust from the Hundred Acre Wood got in my eyes.

    It's no secret that Disney has dominated the animated feature film game for decades now.


    But, as if that wasn't impressive enough, they've also been coming for the live-action film game in recent years.


    And today we got our first look at the latest in that live-action line-up, Christopher Robin, but before you watch it, please make sure you have tissues close by.

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    Disney / Via

    The film follows a fully grown-up and married Christopher Robin, played by Ewan McGregor.


    Just take all my money now, thanks.

    Sadly, it appears that Christopher has lost his way in the world, and is putting his work over his family and friends.


    Naturally, there's only one living soul that can get him back on track: his childhood best friend and tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff, Winnie the Pooh.


    This teaser is only one minute long, which is crazy when you consider that I've been ugly-crying for the past 10 minutes straight.


    Anyway, this movie looks like the sweetest thing, and I absolutely cannot wait to see Christoper and Pooh reunite in theaters August 3, 2018!


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