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    We Just Got Our First Trailer For "Slender Man" And Yeah, No Thank You

    I'll take my pasta with extra creepy, thank you.

    Nothing says "good morning" quite like being scared out of your damn mind when you first wake up.

    So you can imagine the world's excitement when we received this insanely creepy first trailer for Slender Man.

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    For those who are unfamiliar with the creepypasta-turned-meme-turned-urban-legend, Slender Man is an absurdly tall, faceless man who abducts children.

    And this film follows four teenage girls living in Massachusetts who perform a ritual in order to prove there is no such thing as Slender Man.

    However, when one of the girls goes missing, it appears they've awoken something far beyond their expectations.

    The trailer is incredibly unsettling, from the strange sound design to the disturbing imagery.

    So if you're down to be scared of forests and teenage girls for a while, check out the film, in theaters May 18, 2018.