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    Posted on Feb 2, 2018

    Here's Our First Trailer For "Irreplaceable You," A Netflix Romance Guaranteed To Make You Sob

    Forget the "I'm not crying" joke because I'm FULLY crying.

    So it's officially February, which means ~love is in the air~.


    Or at least being shoved in your face more than usual.

    This also means we're being treated to loads of romantic films, none of which look as equally heart-warming and heart-breaking as Netflix's Irreplaceable You.

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    This love story follows Abbie and Sam, two childhood loves who are enjoying their peaceful life together in New York City...


    ...that is, until their lives are turned-upside down when Abbie receives a devastating diagnosis.


    In case that wasn't sad enough on its own, the mass in her stomach was previously mistaken for the couple's first pregnancy. Yeah.

    Unsure of how much time they have left together, Abbie embarks on a truly sweet (and sometimes surprisingly silly) search for someone to take her place and care for Sam when she's gone.


    The cast for this romantic comedy/tragedy is truly incredible, including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michiel Huisman, Kate McKinnon, and Christopher Walken.


    Also, full disclosure, I FULLY SOBBED watching the trailer, so there's that.


    So if you're down for a quirky, thoughtful, sure-to-be-tear-jerker, make sure to catch this on Netflix Feb. 16, 2018!


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