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    Chris Evans Shared A Video Of Himself Playing "Purple Rain" On The Piano And Instagram Almost Went Into A Swoon-Induced Outage

    Chris Evans + Piano + Prince = The Most Ambitious Crossover in History.

    Happy Saturday, you! Yes, you! The person reading this right now! I heard you may have had a bit of a tough week? Well, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that...but I come bearing a very, very small gift that might help turn things around for you just a little bit!

    We're all familiar with Chris Evans, right? Actor, Avenger, and all-around Good-Guy-Cutie-Pie*?

    Chris smiles during a late-night TV show interview

    Well, yesterday Mr. I-Can-Lift-Mjolnir nearly made the internet go into a swoon-induced outage* after he shared a new Instagram story featuring himself playing Prince's 1984 classic, "Purple Rain," on the piano:

    Chris Evans delivers a piano performance in new Instagram story.

    Twitter: @PopBase

    *Another very technical term.

    Like...I just...? There are no words.

    *Indiana Jones voice* "It belongs in a museum!"

    Anyway, you already KNOW his loyal fans were quick to react in increasing wholesome and hilarious ways, taking to Twitter to share all of their feelings. So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the silliest reactions:

    1. This simple request for help:

    For the LOVE OF GOD Christopher PLEASE STOP. Purple Rain cis??? HEELLP!!! ☔️💦

    Twitter: @alamanecer

    2. This before and after:

    me me when normally chris evans plays piano

    Twitter: @chrisevanspawss

    3. This ambitious cinematic universe:

    chris evans playing the piano cinematic universe

    Twitter: @fruityelsa

    4. This truth:

    chris evans really trended for playing the piano, this man can easily start a cult

    Twitter: @safeforchris

    5. This excellent inquiry:

    why go to therapy when chris evans playing the piano is free

    Twitter: @cevanstarshine

    6. This ~subtle~ reaction:

    screaming without the s over chris evans playing the piano

    Twitter: @igotagurlcrush

    7. This epic saga:

    chris evans playing the piano and looking directly at the camera : a heart shattering saga

    Twitter: @ilysmcevans

    8. This power imbalance:

    Chris Evans plays piano and has a dog and wears sweaters and I can’t stress enough how he is too powerful

    Twitter: @Molly_marvel

    9. And finally — this accurate question:

    chris evans in a cap, white henley shirt, tattoo peaking out whilst playing the piano what more could one ask for?

    Twitter: @dilfchrisevans

    OH! And it's important to note that this isn't the first time our beloved Cap has gone viral for his piano-playing — in fact, he's been kind enough to add a whole reel of these clips to his Instagram account because he! Knows! What! The! People! Want!

    There ya have it! Just one last thing: Chris, if you're for some reason reading this, are you taking requests? Because if so: "FREE BIRD!"