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    Blake Lively Straight-Up Looks Like A Different Person In The Intense First Trailer For "The Rhythm Section"

    Who is SHE?!

    This week we received our first trailer for The Rhythm Section β€” a good ol'-fashioned spy thriller β€” and I have to admit...I didn't immediately realize that THIS was Blake Lively.

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    Lively plays Stephanie Patrick, a woman who has just discovered that the plane crash that killed her entire family WASN'T an accident.

    Naturally, Stephanie becomes hell-bent on figuring out what exactly the motive was behind the crash, and wants revenge on whoever planned it.

    Okay, now, with all of that plot exposition out of the way β€” let's talk about ALL. OF. THESE. WIGS. THOUGH??? No spy thriller is complete without a butt-ton of disguises, and Lively looks like a completely different human being in this dark pixie cut:

    And this wild blonde bowl cut looks exactly like what my own hair looks like every time I have the manic urge to chop it all off in my own bathroom with safety scissors β€” so, relatable:

    We even get this sultry Bettie Page look, complete with bangs, waves, and a knife hidden in her glove β€” you know, like ya do:

    And β€” as if that wild plot and those fantastic transformations weren't enough of a reason to see the film β€” it also stars some other serious talent, including Sterling K. Brown...

    ...AND Jude Law β€” both of whom are NOT wearing wigs, which is a disappointment if you ask me, but hey, you can't win them all.

    Plus β€” to add to all of the ~mystery~ behind this first sneak peek β€” Lively herself shared the intense trailer on her Twitter with an EQUALLY intense plea:

    Please, whatever you do. Don't click on this... πŸ–€πŸ’‹

    So yeah, there ya have it! Be sure to catch all of the intrigue, drama, and changing hairdos when The Rhythm Section hits theaters Jan. 31, 2020!