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    18 More Rude Customer Stories That Will Make You Say "What The Heck Is Wrong With Humanity?"

    "A customer yelled at me once because her fries were 'deep fried.'"

    Last week, we took a look at some absolutely WILD stories shared by Reddit users about the weirdest reasons a customer got mad at them on the job. These wacky stories sparked even MORE responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the most ridiculous tales shared:

    1. This candy slicer:

    "I was a manager at Dairy Queen and one of the craziest things that happened to me was getting yelled at by a woman because we wouldn't 'slice' all the M&Ms in half for her Blizzard. I had to explain that they came pre-chopped, but she refused to believe me."


    2. This early bird:

    "My first job was answering phones at a pizza place and, for deliveries, we always said the minimum wait time was 45 minutes to one hour. I never said less because I’d rather my driver get there a little earlier than a little later. Anyway, one night a man called in to have a pizza delivered. I told him the usual wait time. This guy then called back PISSED because the driver got there in 35 minutes. 'You told me he’d be there in an hour, so I went to the bar! Why did you lie to me?' Um...those times are an estimate?"


    3. This fried french fry:

    "A customer yelled at me once because her fries were 'deep fried.' I seriously had to resist the urge to give her the raw, frozen fries."


    4. This meat mixer:

    "I was bagging groceries for a customer. She had a fairly small load, just a few packages of sliced meat from our deli department and a package of ground beef. The woman said, 'Just put them in the same bag, it's fine.' Our company policy states to NEVER put raw meat in the same bag as fresh foods to avoid cross-contamination. I told her this. The woman flipped out and started screaming about how I needed to 'listen to the customer.' I calmly told her again. This woman stared at me for moment, paid for her food, then PUT THE RAW MEAT INTO THE SAME BAG AS THE DELI MEAT and stomped away."


    5. This resting "off-putting" face:

    "A customer once wrote an official complaint to my manager about my 'angry and off-putting face.' I have what some might call 'resting bitch face' and I guess she'd taken it personally."


    6. This bag hater:

    "I worked at a grocery store and asked a customer if he needed any bags for his purchase. He completely ignored me — but I assumed he hadn't heard me — so I asked again. He then yelled at me, saying and I quote, 'If i needed bags, I would ask you, are you stupid?!' Then, as he was storming out of the exit after he finished paying, he literally SMACKED his face on the sliding door while yelling across the store about how stupid I was."


    7. This gatekeeper:

    "I worked in the garden center of a home improvement store. During the summer, the store opened at 6 a.m., but the back gates to the garden center didn't open until later in the day for various reasons. The whole garden section was still open, you just had to go through the front door instead of the back gates. A lady once yelled at me through the gates at 6:15 a.m. because I wouldn’t open the gates for her. She kept telling me that I was 'inconveniencing her,' and she REFUSED to just go around through the front."


    8. This puppy problem:

    "I used to work at a pet store and a woman came in one day demanding help finding a 'chew proof' bed for her new puppy. After I showed her our bed options, she found one she liked. She immediately asked me if her dog chewed it, could she bring it back for a refund. I apologetically told her that we couldn't do that because we only accepted returns if there was a fault with the bed itself. She then demanded she be served by someone else, as she no longer wanted to be served by me (after telling me several times that I was 'incompetent'). I went and got my boss, who told her the same thing and she ended up buying the bed I'd recommended in the first place."


    9. This bad breath AND bad attitude:

    "I once had a customer complain to management that I told them they 'needed gum.' What ACTUALLY happened was — as I scanned their gum — I said, 'Do you want this in or out of the bag?' Because most people who buy gum or mints want to throw them in their purse or pocket right away. TBH, the whole thing was hilarious."


    10. This "honest" customer:

    "One time a customer came to my register and it was her 'birthday month.' We gave '10 dollar off' coupons out for people's birthdays, but people abused the rules around it by lying and saying they 'never got their coupon.' I asked her outright if she used the coupon already, and she said that she had. I said, 'Well, happy birthday and thank you so much for telling the truth!' while explaining to her how people often lied. She said, 'Of course!' and then happily left.

    Well, about 20 minutes later the phone rings and it's her. She didn't realize I was the person who answered the phone (she just assumed only managers answered, I guess) and proceeded to yell about how RUDE a cashier was for thanking her for being honest 'as if people aren't honest these days.'"


    11. This misspelling(?):

    "I work in billing and account collections, so I’m used to upset customers calling about their bills. This one guy, however, stands out. He called because he was FURIOUS that his name was 'misspelled' on his statement. His last name was 'McDonald' — which was spelled correctly — but whoever created his account didn’t capitalize the 'D.' He yelled at me for 15 FULL minutes because correcting it was NOT enough. He then demanded to speak to my supervisor, yelled at her for awhile, then got HER supervisor (who never takes customer calls) and screamed at her about how both of us handled the situation."


    12. This 9-1-1 emergency:

    "I had a woman call the police on me once because I was 'stealing' from her by not allowing her to return an item for a refund. She had the wrong receipt with her, so I told her I could only give her store credit. She started cursing me out and making a scene while I tried to get her to calm down. She would NOT stop, so I politely asked her to leave the store. She refused and called the police instead.

    They showed up to our store and talked to me first before approaching her. One of them told her the item looked 'worn' to him, so he didn’t understand why I was even offering store credit. She ended up storming off after the cops told her she could get in trouble for calling because it was not an emergency. This was, also, my first day as a manager."


    13. This sweet and oh no:

    "Just the other day I had a woman scream at me because our restaurant has Sweet N Low instead of Splenda. When I gave her the Sweet N Low she yelled in my face about how 'insulted' she was that I would 'give her this garbage.' Even after going out of my way to find her some brown sugar in the kitchen she was unbearably unpleasant for the rest of her meal."


    14. This example of mind-your-own-business:

    "I used to work as a receptionist at a tattoo shop and we had a client get mad at ME because our piercer was piercing someone ELSE'S child's ears. This woman was relentless, she refused to leave, and she repeatedly screamed that she was going to call CPS and close our shop down."


    15. This late bride:

    "I work at a bridal chain and, when we have to order dresses for people, we tell them it will arrive to our store 'on or before the date provided.' The date we’re told to provide is considered the 'worst-case scenario/latest date,' so we always tell them that their dress will likely come in MUCH earlier than that, and we’ll give them a call as soon as it arrives. You would be AMAZED by how many people scream at us because their dresses arrive EARLY."


    16. This apple eye:

    "I once worked as a cashier for a grocery store. I was ringing up this woman and was about to pack up her bag of apples. I set them in the bag gently, but she accused me of SLAMMING them down. She refused to pay for them because she was convinced I 'bruised' them. My manager came over and offered to get her a different bag of apples. My manager had to keep bringing over bags of apples because she would take one look and say, 'Saw a bruise!' No lie, she went through FIVE bags before she found one that was 'the least bruised.'"


    17. This burrito wrapper:

    "I work at Chipotle and a woman got upset with me once because, when I rolled her burrito, some of the sauce came out (which is bound to happen if you get a lot of different sauces). She asked me to rewrap it and, while I was waiting for a new tortilla to warm up, she kept LOUDLY complaining that the sauce NEVER comes out when other people wrap it. I responded by saying, 'I’ll try again to keep it all in...' She looked SO offended and SCREAMED, “What’s THAT supposed to mean?” I rolled it again, but she demanded I put more sour cream on it after it was already rolled. In the end, she ended up asking us the make her a bowl instead, so we wasted two burritos for no reason."


    18. And finally, this ~shocking~ reaction:

    "I could write an entire post just based on my time working at a hotel, but one of my favorite stories was when I was checking this family in. The mother asked where our pool was and I informed her, but also let her know that it was closed for the next hour due to a nearby lightning strike. I followed by saying that — if there was no more lightning — it would likely open back up in less than an hour. She became COMPLETELY irate and screamed, 'The pool is the ONLY reason we are staying here! What am I supposed to do with my kids for the next hour?!' Like, I’m sorry we don’t want your children to get electrocuted???"


    So there ya have it. Can you top these tales? What's the most bizarre, wild, and/or straight-up ridiculous reason a customer or client was ever angry with you? Share your story in the comments below!