People Are Sharing Their Favorite "Nonsexual Sensations" And, Honestly, It's The Best

    I'll have what all of these people are having!

    Sure, sex is cool, but have you ever finally gotten out a sneeze that you've been holding in for a while??? It's the BEST.

    Well, this week — when Reddit user Zahfier asked, "What is the best physical, yet nonsexual, sensation?" — people WENT OFF with similar examples of ecstasy.

    Here are just a few of the absolute best responses:

    1. "Being able to breathe out of both nostrils after being sick."


    2. "Getting into a hot bath after you’ve been freezing all day."


    3. "Drinking water when you’re really, really thirsty — especially after exercise. There's nothing better."


    4. "Finally removing the food that’s been stuck between your teeth for an extended period of time."


    5. "Taking a nap in the fall with the window open and feeling that your blanket is a little bit cold."


    6. "Taking your bra off after a long day."


    7. " When a constant noise — like the kind that some machines make — stops all of a sudden."


    8. "Taking off your socks after a long day and scratching the sock marks."


    9. "Putting on glasses that work for the first time. It's literally like seeing the world through new eyes."


    10. "When someone with long nails scratches your itchy back."


    11. "When THAT part of a song comes on. The part that gives you a tingle that starts at the base of your neck and works its way up through your entire body."


    12. "Putting on your comfy clothes, and knowing you won't have to change out of them for the rest of the day."


    13. "Entering a fresh smelling, air-conditioned hotel room after you've been walking around in the sun all day."


    14. "The feeling of clean bed sheets sliding against your freshly-shaved legs as you crawl in for a night's slumber. If you are not a person who's in the habit of shaving their legs, it is worth a try just to experience this sensation."


    15. "When the barber uses the clippers on the back of your neck during a haircut."


    16. "Waking up to my cat head-butting me in the face so that I'll make room for her to spoon with me until my alarm goes off in two hours."


    17. "When you get the 'piss shivers.' IE: When you pee and it feels so awesome that your body does a little involuntary shoulder shimmy/shiver."


    18. "Letting your hair out of a really tight bun and getting that tingly feeling as all the blood rushes back."


    19. "Jumping into a pool after sunbathing for like an hour. That initial cold rush is beautiful."


    Now it's your turn! What is the absolute BEST physical yet "nonsexual" sensation? Share yours in the comments below!