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What's Your Most Awkward "Accidentally Watched A Movie Sex Scene With A Parent" Story?

We've ALL been there.

Look — we all have some kind of horrific-but-kind-of-funny-in-hindsight memory of watching an incredibly inappropriate sex scene in a movie with our parents and/or guardians.


So — with that in mind — what's your most awkward/hilarious "Whoops, I accidentally watched a movie sex scene with my parent(s) and/or guardians!" story?* TELL ME ABOUT IT.

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*NOTE: We are specifically looking for stories about MOVIE SEX SCENES. We can do an awkward TV scenes post later!

Maybe your mom rented Sausage Party (2016) for the whole family to enjoy because she skimmed over the description and thought it was a movie for kids.

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Or perhaps your graphic novel–loving dad couldn't wait to see Watchmen (2009) with you and your siblings, completely unprepared for that "Hallelujah" sequence.

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Heck, maybe your grandma convinced you to take her to see The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) because she just LOVES that Leonardo DiCaprio, and her horrified reaction has been burned into your brain for all eternity.

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Share the movie scene and your awkward story in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

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