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    16 Jokes For Anyone Obsessed With Aragorn, Legolas, And Gimli From "The Lord Of The Rings"

    Are these memes the Beacons of Gondor? Because they're LIT.

    As an avid Lord of the Rings fan, I know better than anyone else that — even though all of the characters are important in their own ways — we're all guilty of having our personal faves.

    Anyway, mine are for sure Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli — and I am most DEFINITELY not alone in that sentiment.

    So, with that in mind, I went searching through the deepest depths of Tumblr to find the absolute best jokes and memes about these three fellas to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list. Here we go:

    1. This boy band:

    2. This ASMR concept:

    3. This expert meme use:

    4. This character breakdown:

    5. This accurate depiction:

    6. This accidental friendship:

    7. This one-man show:

    8. This hilarious background fighting:

    9. This repurposed vine:

    10. This visual depiction:

    11. This modern retelling:

    12. This perfect The Office crossover:

    13. This OTHER perfect The Office crossover:

    14. This rule exception:

    15. This deserved Rick roll:

    16. And finally, this sick burn:

    You can check out more collections of Lord of the Rings jokes on BuzzFeed here AND here, but — if you like what you see — be sure to click through and follow your favorites on Tumblr to make your timeline a more fun place to be!