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Literally Just A Few Of The Funniest Tweets About The 2018 Emmy Awards

"Involuntary thigh clenching."

1. This first grade callback:

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

2. This honesty:

I'd love to hear an actor honestly answer the "How did you prepare for today?" red carpet question with "Cocaine and sit ups." #Emmys

3. This weird AF clap:

Whaaat is this clap from Antonio Banderas? #Emmys

4. This relatable mood swing:

before you see kit harrington v. after you see kit harrington #Emmys

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images/Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

5. And this relatable ~feeling~:

6. This painful truth:

Angela Bassett is 60 years old and she looks younger than I did at birth. #emmys

7. This casting recognition:

today is the day that side characters from Hilary Duff movies SHINE #Emmys

8. This late-night sneak out:

Will Ferrell is me walking to the fridge for my 2 a.m. snack 😂 #Emmys

9. This noticeable pattern:

10. This proper proposal:

Okay it IS funny that the Oscars director shows up to the Emmys, wins one and then somehow directs the best moment of the entire show

11. This actor/character morph:

.@MiloVentimiglia out here doing what he does best... being Jack Pearson. #Emmys #ThisIsUs

12. This self-censor:

when you forget to mute yourself on a conf call #Emmys

13. This long-desired vengeance:


14. This simple request:

Move to restart this telecast with Hannah Gadsby hosting? #Emmys

15. This less-simple demand:

Stop waving start writing, George #Emmys

16. This unnecessary panic:

When you see “Betty White” trending but then find out it’s for an honorary award at the #Emmys

17. And, finally, this strut:

When the argument was over but I thought of new and better points #emmys

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