15 Times The Internet Ruthlessly Roasted Kylo Ren's Obsession With Darth Vader

    Kylo Ren, more like "Why Though?" Ren, amirite???

    1. So, we really don't know too much about Kylo Ren, besides his being the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, and an overall human disaster.

    2. But the one thing the internet knows to be true is his undying love for his Grandpa, Darth Vader/ Anakin "I hate sand" Skywalker.

    3. And over the past couple of years, the internet has done a great job of exhibiting why we will all never love anything as much as Kylo loves Vader.

    4. Like, how he sees himself as Vader's #1 fan, though the rest of the universe may view him differently.

    5. Or how he literally copies everything Vader did, whether he needs to or not.

    6. And is really unnecessarily dramatic about it.

    7. He was even obsessed when the internet pictured what life was probably like in the Solo household on the daily.

    8. And just imagine the struggle Vader must feel, watching his grandson be an actual idiot all the damn time.

    9. Seriously, Vader's force ghost is just floating around somewhere like, "What in the actual hell is this child doing?"

    10. "I find your obsession with me...disturbing." —Darth Vader, probably.

    11. Even Rey could see he was a little TOO into his dead Grandpa.

    12. Like, Eminem probably wrote his song "Stan" about Kylo's feelings towards Vader, TBH.

    13. I'm genuinely hoping that, if they do ever cross paths, it goes something like this:

    RandomSplashes Comics

    14. Because, truth be told, about 110% of the issues in this franchise are Kylo's dumb fault.

    15. In the end, I'm just excited to see Kylo get whatever the heck is coming to him.