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41 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching "Pretty Little Liars"

It's truly a love/hAte relationship.

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1. It's Tuesday!

2. I hate myself for turning this show on.

3. Why does Aria wear so many shirts with tiger faces on them?

4. A's terrorizing is comical. Aria is being stupid.

5. Haha Hanna is funny.

6. Where's Caleb??

7. What is Mona doing?

8. Oooo she's sassy.

9. Is she on the A team, or is she a separate enemy??

10. Where was Lucas supposed to be this whole time?


11. I forgot about him, tbh.

12. Where are Spencer's parents always at?

13. Does anyone supervise these girls?

14. Melissa is shady as hell!

15. Oooo they mentioned WREN. He is so good-looking.

16. Oh hey, there's Toby.

17. Why was he in London, again??

18. What's up with Toby's hair?

19. Maybe he should have stuck with that do-rag from his time in juvy. LOL

20. Where is Ezra?

21. Is no one visiting him in the hospital?

22. I hate that his eyes bug out when he tries to act "creepy."

23. How do the girls find time to sleuth when surely they have homework assignments to do?

24. Emily is being dramatic.

25. Her hair is so perfect. I hate her.

26. Hiii Jason, nice to see you.


27. Where was he supposed to be, again?

28. Does Jason wearing a beanie indicate that he is up to no good?

29. Oh shit, that was actually scary.

30. Where the hell was Ali's dad this whole time?

31. I didn't even remember he looked like that...

32. How did Alison have time to curl her hair every day while she was on the run?

33. That hashtag in the corner is just ridiculous.

34. This episode is stupid.

35. I am so confused.

36. Did that answer anything.

37. I have a few follow up questions to that "reveal."

38. I quit this show.

39. Damn, that preview for next week looks LEGIT.

40. I'll see you next Tuesday, Little Liars.

41. I continue to hate myself.

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