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    20 Reasons We Should All Aspire To Be Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century

    She is the most stellunarious Disney Channel heroine.

    1. For starters, she gets to live in a totally awesome space station.

    Disney / Via

    Away from Earthly weather and allergies.

    2. Defying authority is a way of life in Zenon's book.

    Disney / Via

    "Why be in the audience, Neb, when you have the chance to be center stage?"

    ^Words to live by.

    3. She is hands down a better astronaut at the ripe age of 13 than all of NASA.


    Those colors were STELLAR.

    4. She has her own catchphrase.

    Disney / Via

    This phrase is still used regularly in my vocabulary.

    5. She adds adjectives like "minor" or "major" at the end of a noun for emphasis.

    Disney / Via

    A very effective strategy.

    6. She is extremely gifted in claymation.

    Disney / Via

    And also winning contests.

    7. She and Nebula were fashion icons for the entire space station.

    Disney / Via

    And were also kind of the Mean Girls. But who cares? Those vests = fab.

    8. For example, using a child's toy as a fashion accessory.

    Disney / Via

    Everyone loves a slinky. Way to go, Raven.

    9. Also, tiny hats and high side ponytails.

    10. Zenon rocked the double bun before Miley.

    11. She loves to pig out, as we all do.

    Disney / Via

    12. Zenon has mastered the "bitch, please" face.


    GTFO, Margie.

    13. Being grounded to a foreign land might break some people's spirit...

    14. But not Z! She made the best of a bad situation by riding off into the sunset with Greg.


    Take that, Mark and Astrid!

    15. She does not take ANY sass from weenies like Mr. Lutz.


    16. She befriended the lead singer of her favorite band.

    Disney / Via

    Microbe's coming!

    17. And weaseled her way onto his spaceship.

    18. She saved the entire space station from being in jeopardy MAJOR.

    Disney / Via

    19. And as a bonus, she helped Commander Plank find love so he would get off everyone's back.


    20. Most importantly, Zenon became Protozoa's Supernova Girl.


    He makes my heart go boom boom.

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