21 Reasons Tony Stark Is Actually A Wonderful Role Model

“Give me a scotch, I’m starving.”

1. Tony Stark was the first one approached by Nick Fury to be a part of the Avengers Initiative.

Marvel Studios / Via rebloggy.com

Aka he’s most important.

2. Tony doesn’t hide behind a disguise. The world knows he is a badass hero.

Marvel Studios / Via sommobuta.com

Move over, Clark Kent.

3. Tony knows exactly who he is.

Marvel Studios / Via the-virus-of-life.tumblr.com

And the world loves him for it!

4. Tony created his own superpowers.

Marvel Studios / Via ask-iron-man.tumblr.com

Including the ability to FLY.

5. Tony holds nothing back.

Marvel Studios / Via splashpage.mtv.com

Completely endearing!

6. Tony embraces his flaws.

Marvel Studios / Via fuckyeah-avengers.tumblr.com

7. Tony has his priorities in line.

Marvel Studios / Via thehollywoodsigh.com

Always put the cheeseburger above anything else.

8. Tony always helps those in need.

Marvel Studios / Via beon.ru

9. Tony isn’t afraid to try new things.

Marvel Studios / Via batmaned.tumblr.com

10. Tony always makes sure to ask the important questions.

Marvel Studios / Via quotev.com

11. Tony is super smart.

Marvel Studios / Via fanpop.com

He always has the latest and greatest technology…and keeps creating more!

12. Tony pulls off some pretty sick moves.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

13. Tony always knows exactly what he’s dealing with.

Marvel Studios / Via prusianazorro.beon.ru

“Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?”

14. Tony doesn’t let even an Asgardian god intimidate him.

Marvel Studios / Via funny-pictures.picphotos.net

Better look out, Loki!

15. Tony has the world’s best facial expressions.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

The message gets across without having to use foul language! Respect.

16. Tony isn’t afraid to call people out when they deserve it.

Marvel Studios / Via rebloggy.com

17. Tony always has the best comebacks.

Marvel Studios / Via weheartit.com

18. He’s a lover.

Marvel Studios / Via swing-set13.livejournal.com

Pepper Potts is one lucky gal!

19. He’s a fighter.

Marvel Studios / Via whatweshouldcallubc.tumblr.com

Not even sending a missile into another dimension, losing consciousness, and falling umpteen feet to Earth can phase this guy.

20. Tony is great with kids.

Marvel Studios

21. And most importantly, Tony keeps good company.

Marvel Studios / Via superhero-obsessions.tumblr.com

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