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    19 Reasons Everyone Should Watch BBC's "Sherlock" Immediately

    It's elementary.

    1. Reason #1 is the most obvious: Sherlock Holmes is played flawlessly by Benedict Cumberbatch.

    BBC / Via


    Plus, he just won an Emmy for his performance as the famous "consulting detective."

    2. Martin Freeman's portryal of John Watson is equally perfect.

    BBC / Via

    His Watson compliments Cumberbatch's Sherlock wonderfully. So much so, that he too just won an Emmy for his performance in the Series 3 finale. He keeps Sherlock in check, respects him, and also has skills of his own to bring to the table.

    3. It is set in modern times.

    BBC / Via

    One of the innovative things about creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' version of Sherlock is that it is set in present-day London as opposed to the Victorian period. (And yes, this came out before CBS' Elementary.)

    Sherlock with a cell phone? Genius.

    4. It's actually very funny.

    BBC / Via

    Sherlock is a total asshole to everyone because of how superior his intellect it, and everyone else makes fun of him for being so awkward. Hilarity ensues.

    5. They frequently make fun of Sherlock Holmes' iconic hat.

    6. The boys' relationship with Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, is outstanding.


    She thinks they're gay a lot.

    7. As is their relationship with Greg Lestrade, the inspector.

    BBC / Via
    BBC / Via

    Greg has a love/hate relationship with how much he needs the boys' help with his cases. Plus, he is played by Rupert Graves: the very definition of a silver fox.

    8. Then there's Molly Hooper, the pathologist.

    BBC / Via

    Molly is the only person Sherlock seems to fully trust, and she brings the humanity out of him. It is adorable to watch the two interact. Molly Hooper=one. class. act.

    9. Co-creator Mark Gatiss plays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother.

    BBC / Via
    BBC / Via

    Their dynamic is fantastic. At times, it is difficult to tell if Mycroft is friend or foe; the single clear thing is that he loves his brother deep down. Respect.

    10. Andrew Scott plays Sherlock's nemisis, Jim Moriarty.

    BBC / Via

    "Consulting Criminal" is his profession. Andrew is the perfect mixture of terrifying, funny, and sometimes even likeable! Very difficult to achieve.

    11. Sherlock has award-winning writers.

    Mike Blake / Reuters

    Co-creator Steven Moffat won an Emmy this year for the Series 3 finale, “His Last Vow.”

    12. PLUS the scripts are very true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels.

    BBC / Via

    I know this because I watch documentaries on the show to fill the void that is HIATUS.

    13. The soundtrack is quite pleasant.

    View this video on YouTube

    BBC / Via

    It is impossible not to smile when the "Welcome to London" music plays. It usually accompanies scenes when things start to get intense, as illustrated in the video above from "A Study In Pink."

    14. Sherlock has a crazy, large fandom...that creates entertaining things like this:

    Tumblr / Via
    Pinterest / Via

    15. Likewise, there is a huge fandom that ships Sherlock and John.

    BBC / Via

    16. On rare occasions, the writers give the fans presents. Like Sherlock in a sheet.

    17. And introducing the crime-solving duo to alcohol.

    BBC / Via

    18. The series 2 finale is so upsetting, that you should feel blessed to not have to wait 2 years to see the next episode like everyone else.

    BBC / Via

    I'm weeping just thinking about it.

    19. Each series is only three episodes long. If you haven't watched it yet, you're just lazy.

    Tumblr / Via

    No excuses, play like a champion.

    Come, join us.