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17 Signs Castiel From "Supernatural" Is Your Spirit Animal

You might not understand this reference.

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1. You know how to make an ENTRANCE.

2. You aren't the most "pop culturally sound."

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Other than Supernatural references, of course.

3. Fall fashion is your favorite.

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Who doesn't love a good trench?

4. You are great at apologizing.

5. You aren't always the *best* when it comes to comebacks.

CW / Via

6. But when you do comeback, you bring alllll da zingers.

7. You don't trust cats.

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They are up to no good, I tell you!

8. You're the most loyal friend there is.

9. You aren't the most experienced kid on the block.

10. But, you learn a lot by studying adult films.

11. And you catch on quickly.

CW / Via

12. You appreciate a good burger.

CW / Via

Who doesn't, really?

13. You tend to be awkward in social situations.

CW / Via

Hey, we've all been there.

14. You like to indulge in a drink or two every once in a while.

CW / Via

15. And you make being drunk sound really smart.

16. Some might say you have a "God Complex."

17. But that's just because they are OBVIOUSLY jealous.

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