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14 ReAsons Why We Are All In A Love/HAte RelAtionship With Pretty Little LiArs

I'm intrigued...but I'm also pissed. Glass case of emotion.

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1. I Love ThAt Alison is Alive

Hooray! An answer we have been waiting for was finally answered.

2. But Alison Being Alive Confuses Me

Unfortunately, now that Ali is alive, it brings up more questions: Where has she been all this time? What's the deal with the body being found in the first season? Who's she afraid of? Is Cece helping her or against her? My mind can't take the roller coaster.

3. I Love the Sexy Men

I refuse to accept that Ezra is evil. Look at that face!


Agreed, Wren.

4. But I HAte Toby

This scene alone. Why the need for a do-rag? Why does he have such an expansive fan following? It blows my mind.

5. I GenerAlly Enjoy the Storylines

Who doesn't like a good murder mystery? Or...tale of fake murder/teen terrorizing her peers/older teacher boyfriend terrorizing his girlfriend and her friends/group of people killing others for unknown reasons?

6. But I Am AlwAys Confused

In the beginning they seemed to be following the books' story...Mona is "A," things are messy, blah blah blah. At some point they went off book...and now the questions raised are piling up. MASS CONFUSION!

7. All of Rosewood Seems to Suffer From Short-Term Memory Loss

Remember that time Meredith kidnapped and tried to kill Aria and then skipped town? It's fine and not traumatizing at all. Aria is totally fine now and mentally stable.

How about that shed Jason had full of pictures of the girls? It's cool, they found his creepiness endearing. He skipped town too and no one cares.

How about when Paige tried to kill Emily? Seems like a logical reason to start dating.

8. But They Don't Forget How Much They HAte "A," And ThAt's ImportAnt.

Shoulda pushed her, Spence.

9. Sometimes They HAve Funny One-Liners

10. But Sometimes They Aren't So Funny

Please stop saying "Biebs."

11. The Pig Thing.

The pig in the trunk was the biggest build up and biggest let down in the show's history. And that's saying something, because we are let down pretty much every week.

12. They Redeem Themselves With the HAlloween SpeciAls

Not only do they give us a random episode while they are on hiatus, but it is Halloween themed, which is awesome. They usually reveal shocking things, like Garrett's death or Alison being ALIVE!

13. I HAte I. MArlene King (Executive Producer And Showrunner)

First off, why the "I" before your name? I don't understand. I'm also mystified as to why she creates one absurd storyline after the other without ever answering the many, many questions viewers have. Season 4B will be the "season of answers?" That's what you said last time! I am still scarred.

14. But I HAve to Love I. MArlene King

Because I can't look away.

Me either, Ezra. Me either.

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