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19 Nerdy Knits You Need To Knit Right Now

Wave your geek flag high with these brilliant and wooly projects.

1. Sherlock Wallpaper Pillow

Andrea "Trooperschaf" / Via

Feeling "bored?" Distract yourself by knitting up this friendly pillow. The pattern can be easily adapted and repurposed to make other knitting projects such as a scarf or a blanket.

Pattern Found Here.

2. Doctor Who Scarf

Any self respecting Whovian will know the 4th Doctor's scarf is the ultimate knitting project. Sure it's going to be tedious to knit all 14 feet, but what does that matter to a Timelord?

Pattern Found Here.

3. Plush TARDIS

Slide some cardboard inside to keep its shape, or stick to stuffing for a cuddlier TARDIS. If you want to get really fancy, you can get a recordable sound chip to sew inside for that classic "EERrwWwoooooSHHHhEERrwWwoooooSHHHh EERrwWwoooooSHHHh" sound when you squeeze it.

Pattern Found Here.

4. Baby Dalek Dress

Allison Bitter / Via

If all Daleks were this adorable even the Doctor wouldn't be able to resist succumbing to their charms.

Pattern Found Here.

5. Jayne Hat

Fox / Via

Be careful when it comes to this space contraband. The Alliance / Fox has been moving in to stop the sale of unlicensed Jayne Hats, but that doesn't mean you can't knit one for yourself! After all, all good space pirates "aim to misbehave."

Pattern Found Here.

6. Plush Serenity

Kelly Gardner / Via

Knitting your own Firefly class spaceship is a great way to keep your hands busy and be productive while rewatching Firefly for the 16th time.

Burn the land, and boil the sea, you can take this yarn from me

Pattern Found Here.

7. Weasley Sweater

The nerdy knitting project to end all nerdy knitting projects. A homemade Weasley sweater is the perfect Christmas gift for Potter fans of all ages, and if it turns out a little lumpy that just makes it more authentic.

Pattern Found Here.

8. R2-D2 Beanie

Carissa Browning / Via

Like the classic sci-fi films this pattern is based on, this beanie will never go out of style. Look good and stay toasty while you marathon all the original Star Wars movies before the reboot comes out. (Feel free to skip Episodes 1-3. You've got knitting to do.)

Pattern Found Here.

9. Baby Yoda Hat

Sunshyne Leland / Via

Step 1: Have a baby.

Step 2: Knit this hat.

Step 3: Dress up like Luke and run around with your baby Yoda strapped to your back.

Step 4: You're the coolest parent ever.

Pattern Found Here.

10. Chompy Beanie

Allison MacAlister / Via

If you don't love Mario Kart you're either lying or a robot. No, strike that: even robots love Mario Kart.

Pattern Found Here.

11. Koopa Troopa Turtle Shell

A surefire way to win any pillow fight.

Pattern Found Here.

12. Baby Link


Pattern Found Here.

13. Link's Gauntlets

Emily Hastings / Via

When that kid grows up it'd probably be a little weird for him to run around with a baby bottle sheath, so maybe tone it down to just these knit gauntlets.

Pattern Found Here

14. Pokéball

Gotta Knit 'Em All: POKÉBALLS!

Actually this one is technically a crochet pattern, not knit.

Pattern Found Here.

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Beanie

Jillian Thom / Via

Avoid the inevitable question "Who's your favorite?" in any TMNT conversation. This hat also provides the perfect attire for any pizza party.

Pattern Found Here.

16. Dwarven Beard and Battle Bonnet

Sally Pointer/ Wicked Woollens / Via

"You have my knitting needles."

"And my beard."

"And my axe!"

Pattern Found Here.

17. Monster Feet Baby Booties

Every parent has a moment after a sleepless night when they start to see their crying newborn as a tiny monster, so why not lean into it with these booties and remind yourself just how cute that kid can be.

Pattern Found Here.

18. Newborn Mermaid Cocoon

It makes your baby look like a mermaid, that alone is reason enough to have a kid. Who doesn't want to walk around town carrying a baby mermaid? No one. No. One.

Pattern Found Here and Here.

19. Fightin' Words Mittens

Annie Watts / Via

Always dreamed of throwing a punch just like a 1960's Batman henchman? Now you can! Ka-Pow! Biff! Stitch! Hit so hard you can see how it sounds!

Pattern Found Here.

Thumbnail Credit: Zen Yarn Garden, LLC

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