Twitter Reactions To Justin Bieber Peeing In A Mop Bucket

Because underage drinking and peeing in a mop bucket is only a big deal (and legal) if you’re Justin Bieber. Also - what did Bill Clinton ever do to you? Twitter reacts.

1. This morning, TMZ released a video of JB (allegedly drunk) peeing into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen in NYC: “JUSTIN BIEBER PISSES INTO RESTAURANT MOP BUCKET ‘F*** Bill Clinton!’”

After he relieved himself, he pointed a bottle of cleanser at a photo of Bill Clinton and cursed the poor past-Pres out.

“F*** Bill Clinton,” he said.

2. ‘Modern Family’ writer, Danny Zuker

3. Vanity Fair

4. Jack Barakat, of the band All Time Low

5. Arthur Read (pretty sure he’s referring to D.W.)

6. Chase Mitchell, writer for Nikki & Sarah LIVE

7. Larry Elder, author and tv/radio personality

8. Yahoo! Screen

9. Ohhhhh, Justin. Justin, Justin, Justin.

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