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The Stages Of Writing Your Post-Grad Cover Letter

Because you need a job.

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You go into it confident.



But your expectations--

--soon take a sharp turn for reality.

And you begin to second guess yourself.

Your work-study from college suddenly seems useless.


So does working for your dad last summer.

And it turns out that you just don't have as many notable qualities as you thought.

So you cry.

And eat.

And seek sympathy in others.

And start to accept the idea of post-grad unemployment.

And then...

...all of a sudden...

It hits you.


You suddenly realize all of the hidden, real-life lessons from your semester-long, for-credit-only, unpaid internship.

And you find meaning in the tough love you put up with from your boss at your part-time job.

So you turn all of that sadness and suffering into self-empowerment, and write the most-qualified, most-convincing, best cover letter out there.

Click: Submit



First Name Last Name

a.k.a. *nailed it*

And then you glance at the perfectly formatted PDF or Word .doc only to find a typo.


(Hint: find new job listing, scroll to top of post.)

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