12 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Keeps Us Coming Back For More

#FalPal for life.

1. He throws what he knows.

2. He shakes what his mother gave him.

Hey, Gloria.

3. He’s Elmo-approved.

NBC / Via giphy.com

4. He’s a dog guy.

5. He’s OK with his femininity.

6. He’s punny.

7. And has great taste in friends…

NBC / Via timberfakes.com

8. … most of the time.

NBC / Via style.mtv.com

9. Jimmy is friendly.

NBC / Via giphy.com

10. And Jimmy is polite.

11. He has a great smile,

NBC / Via crushable.com

12. a great sense of humor,

(I guess it’s the comedian thing?)

and a great way of seeing the world, yaknow?

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