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  • Why Northern White Rhinos Are Cooler Than You

    Do you have four body guards following you around to make sure you’re safe? Chances are a big fat NO… Unless you’re the president or someone who is more important than you. Well a Northern White Rhino who roams the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya has four anti-poaching guards following it around at all times- and for good reason. This conservancy is home to four of the remaining eight Northern White Rhinos left in the world, which makes it the most endangered species on our planet. The Northern White Rhino has been poached to almost extinction, and without great effort to save the ones that are left, our world might lose them forever.

  • Worst Infomercial Acting Ever

    Infomercials are always funny to watch and the products are usually ridiculous. But what about those actors and actresses? I mean they take acting to a whole new level. The over dramatization and phony everyday issues reallllly makes you want to buy the product they are advertising for…. not. Seriously, is it that hard to cut an onion?

  • Turning Children’s Art Into Real Life

    Children have some of the most incredible imaginations. Their drawings of magical creatures, or dogs with extra legs are always one of a kind and very special. That is why Wendy Tsao of Vancouver created Children’s Own Studio, where she turns children’s drawings into a reality.

  • Worlds Largest Natural Breasts

    Alright, so we all know that in our society people are always trying to go bigger or go home, especially in the boob department. So, it’s not uncommon nowadays to see women (and maybe men) with extremely large chests. But let’s be honest, the majority of those extra large boobies are not the work of god, but rather just a plastic surgeon. So how about those real boobs? I’m talking about the ones that are all natural. Now there are most defiantly some woman out there who have massive boobies, but there are not many people like Annie. Annie Hawkins-Turner has been titled as the woman who has the world’s largest natural breasts. Not surprising considering the fact that she wears a size 102ZZZ.

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