10 Reasons Broadway’s Sierra Boggess Is The Most Perfect Human Alive

She doesn’t just play a Disney Princess… she is one, too.

1. Sierra Boggess was the original Ariel on Broadway.

Part of your wooooooorld! #dinglehopper

2. And she just looks so magical all the time.

Go on and kiss the girl!

3. She also starred in Phantom of the Opera as Christine Daae.

4. She can hit notes that aren’t humanly possible to hit.

And it’s incredible.

5. Seriously, listen to her.

Here she is singing “Think of Me” for the 25th anniversary of ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

6. She’s also inspirational all the time. Just look at that Twitter bio.

7. And she does Broadway master classes.

Changing lives all of the time.

8. She’s also really gorgeous.

Let’s be real.

9. But most importantly, she loves cats… and apparently Law and Order.

10. So she’s basically her own Disney Princess, only better.

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